10 Business Lessons From The Sage, Ronald Nzimora

On the premiere episode of the Internet Business Show, the legendary internet marketer, Ronald Nzimora had a chat with Chris Ani.

Here are business lessons left by the author, businessman, and cofounder of BuyWell Properties and Digital Nexus Interactive.

Internet marketing is the act of showcasing your products and services using the internet.

When there’s nobody to show you the way, commit to being your own guide. Be disciplined.

At a point in your self-education, you will need to learn directly from someone. This may be attending seminars, buying a course, or one-on-one mentorship. Whatever it is, be ready to always receive information. It determines your growth speed.

As you progress on your journey, celebrate your small wins. This is what will keep you going through the challenges.

When something is working, you work it. Milk it to the very end.

Mentorship works, Synergy works.

When you start anything, start and see it to finish.

Every young internet marketer should know the most important thing: As quickly as possible, identify the niche you want to play in. Internet marketing is a big umbrella covering affiliate marketing, CPA, information marketing, blogging, email marketing, consulting, YouTube marketing, social media marketing etc.

The important thing is to figure out where you are and the skills that you have. This will determine where you can get started and expand your knowledge. The better you’re known for one thing, the easier it is for people to come to you for that one thing.

You have to discover that one niche you can focus on and deepen your knowledge in. Don’t jump from one thing to another. It is just a waste of your time and money and your attention will be scattered.

These are just little notes from the wealth of wisdom Ronald shared with Chris. To watch the full clip, click here.